The Waves Arisen – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Naruto had expected to have to hunt around for a while to find the Sage of the Slugs, but almost immediately after reaching Shikkotsu forest he spotted a thick trail of slime. He followed it to a clearing where he came across a giant, red slug sidled up against a tree, tugging at a branch with its mouth.

Naruto cleared his throat. Continue reading


The Waves Arisen – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

“The eight-tails’ jinchuuriki is dead,” Jiraiya said, by way of greeting.

Dust swirled across the deserted square as they stepped forward. Tsunade and Jiraiya of the Sannin, with a younger girl standing a few paces behind, carrying their bags and a fat little piglet dressed up in pearls. Continue reading

The Waves Arisen – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The weeks following the tournament were a storm of activity and reorganization in Leaf. None of the great villages had yet been around long enough to experience more than a few handovers of power between Kages and clans, so the protocols were still being partly established, but a provisional council of clan heads managed to keep some semblance of order in the interim. Continue reading