The Waves Arisen – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

A number of little black rods were scattered around his feet, seeming to have survived the blast. The little rods Pein had worn as facial piercings. They might well be made of something indestructible if even that hadn’t been enough to destroy them. Continue reading

The Waves Arisen – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Pein backed off, clutching at his bleeding wound with one hand as he destroyed the shadow clone. He was healing himself with his own medical-ninjutsu—already Naruto could see it taking effect as the wounds on his neck closed up, but his concentration on the pressure holding Hinata and Sasuke had been broken. Teams of shadow clones swooped in to shake his friends awake. Continue reading

The Waves Arisen – Chapter 17

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Part IV. The Waves Arisen in the Eye of the Storm

Chapter 17

Leaf and Cloud had jointly occupied Mist village in Naruto’s absence, and were presently in negotiations for a favorable settlement with Stone country. Sound was not expected to secure any new territory in the deal, but there would probably be a few token concessions regarding trade agreements to compensate for their losses. Naruto supposed that none of it would really matter, for long. Continue reading